Joanne Saad




Remember My Name is a series of photographic and video works about Karaoke singers on and off the stage, in public spaces to the private and intimate spaces of homes. This work is a comment on the bravado that karaoke invests in its participants and how this phenomenon crosses cultural, political and language boundaries and to document contemporary hybrid Australian life.
Karaoke is something that `anonymous’ people do. Yet like talent quests, talk-back radio, and `reality-tv’ shows, we are drawn to `ordinary people’ and their lives, experiences, opinions and secret aspirations. We have always wanted to know what other people are thinking, doing and dreaming. Maybe that’s what art is? Essentially art assumes an audience, a spectator. What is interesting these days is that we are becoming more intrigued by the imagination and fantasies of `everyday people’, people like ourselves.

Karaoke Friends

Paula, Mary and Jesus

Blessings from Krishna

Blessings from Buddha

Western Karaoke Singers-Rita and Peter


Eugine-The Prayer

A Star is Born

Dancing Queen



Mr Raoul