Joanne Saad




Family Portraits was a project commissioned by Urban Theatre Projects for BANKSTOWN: LIVE which was part of Sydney Festival 2015. As the sun sets over the West, a suburban street in Bankstown becomes the stage for BANKSTOWN:LIVE — a four-hour cultural experience featuring newly commissioned work by critically acclaimed international and Australian artists.
Over the years I have worked on numerous projects with residents from Bankstown and every single person loves living here. I am fortunate that I have met so many amazing people who have welcomed me into their homes and shared their personal stories.
It is this experience that I wanted create for BANKSTOWN: LIVE- bringing private worlds into the public space and connecting people with one another through intimate moments. An outdoor studio, set up with life-size photograph of the family interior, is the backdrop for Family Portraits- one of four families each night of BANKSTOWN: LIVE invited the audience into their homes, sitting on their furniture, having a chat, then a new family portrait was taken. Everyone who participated received a postcard of the family portrait after the event.

Mother and Son

Wafa and Loyd

Geogia, Uncle Steve and Christos