Joanne Saad




Remember My Name is a series of works about Karaoke singers on and off the stage, in public spaces to the private and intimate spaces of homes. This work is a comment on the bravado that karaoke invests in its participants and how this phenomenon crosses cultural, political and language boundaries and to document contemporary hybrid Australian life.
The karaoke clip traditionally a montage of kitsch scenes with lyrics to the song, that allows the karaoke enthusiast to get up there with microphone in hand to belt out and perform a song. Remember My Name is a karaoke video that includes scenes and text that scrolls on the bottom that are personal insights, thoughts, memories and experiences of the performer that you would not normally experience if you just happened to see them on stage singing their song choice that night at the local club.

Cinematography: Dominka Ferenz
Sound Design and Mix: John Nikolakopoulos
Performers: Bony Brilliantes, Simon Menz and Riria Timu