Joanne Saad




Client: Canada Bay Council
Location: Fred Kelly Place Five Dock
Photographic Digital Mural: 3 panels 26m x 2m
Electricity Boxes:
Design Layout: Golnar Roshan

Fred Kelly Place attracts a lot of thoroughfare, passers by and people who come and meet to socialise, get away from their everyday work or home environment and a place to sit or to use the playground much like the European Piazza a place where people are encouraged to come to meet and use the space.
In collaboration with over 100 residents from the local community and organisations, they contributed to the development of the concept through personal photographs, stories and having their portraits taken.
The mural, electricity boxes and street banners is a tapestry of indoor and outdoor scape imagery, that brings together elements from the private and public world of people in Fivedock and Canada Bay from the past and present. The work creates stories and images that are real or imagined, playful and exciting, surprising or surreal, decorative and beautiful creating spaces of memories and nostalgia in a contemporary context.

Mural Panels

Banners and Electricity Boxes